The Research Triangle’s Top Health Care IT Choice

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Beetoobi IT has a prescription for network wellness: top health care IT insights, knowledge of the medical cyber regulatory landscape and finding the weak spots before the hackers do.

As a full-service firm specializing in health IT, Beetoobi knows the med-tech landscape. The RTP area is among the most sophisticated in the world when it comes to its IT and med-tech needs. Beetoobi is a leader in handling the needs of medical facilities so they can focus on what they do best: curing disease, enriching quality of life and formulating the treatments of tomorrow.

Bringing Big-City IT To Virginia And The Carolina Piedmont

Hackers don’t recognize city limits. A doctor’s office in a small town is just as much of a target, or maybe more, than a sprawling hospital. Why? A doctor’s office has valuable patient health information that can be hacked, stolen and sold on the dark web at 10 times the going rate for pilfered credit card and social security number information. A large university research hospital, though, has likely invested millions in fortress-like cyber security, so why would a hacker deal with that when they can get the same valuables from a much smaller, probably lightly defended small-town dentist’s office?

That’s where Jason Kirkhart and Beetoobi IT Solutions come in. Jason can bring that big-city, big-university cyber-sophistication to the small-town optometrist’s office. And these services are needed in medical practices large and small. No one wants to see headlines like this:

Michigan Practice To Shutter After Hackers Delete Patient Files

This 2019 headline is from newspapers in Michigan detailing how doctors at a small auditory practice refused to pay a $6,500 ransomware demand. Hackers decided to wipe all their patient records in retaliation, forcing the longtime hearing clinic to close its doors.

In the years since that small-town medical meltdown, attacks have only gotten worse and the ransomware demands higher. Jason and his team at Beetoobi don’t want the same misfortune to strike here, so they work around the clock to keep the small-town health care facilities and cutting-edge biomedical facilities in the Research Triangle safe. And their efforts have earned accolades:

“Having managed services from Jason and the team at Beetoobi, who are watching my systems while I sleep, really takes a lot of stress out of my workday and busy schedule. Working with Beetoobi is like having an insurance policy that provides priority response when you need it, and preventative maintenance and checkups while you sleep.” – Wayne Stanfield, Home Care Alliance of Virginia

Among the weapons in Beetoobi’s arsenal are a full suite of managed services, co-managed IT, VoIP and data and backup recovery. A merger with Virginia IT mainstay Meadows Computer Repair brought more muscle to Beetoobi, allowing the business to grow

The Beetoobi Edge

Beetoobi is the place to go in the Carolina Piedmont and Research Triangle area for healthcentric IT. Working with Beetoobi gives you certain healthcentric advantages, including:

Always being up-to-date on the latest health care data regulations: The legislative landscape is constantly shifting, and technology is evolving. Beetoobi is an IT partner that knows the best practices that can mean the difference between a hefty fine and smooth cyber security sailing.


Seasoned techs: The Research Triangle demands the best tech talent, and Beetoobi has a veteran bench of engineers who can seamlessly solve problems, often before our clients even know about them.

24/7 response: Beetoobi doesn’t sleep, so you can. We provide round-the-clock monitoring, so if something goes wrong on a Saturday, you won’t have to “wait until Monday” for assistance.

Providing Comprehensive Cyber Security And Compliance For The Health Care Community

While MSPs are a dime a dozen, MSPs that know the special needs of health care are a relative rarity. As doctors and practitioners, you should be focused solely on the health of your patients, not the health of your networks. At Beetoobi the “network doctors” are always in and always on call. If your network or hardware is sick, we offer comprehensive triage services to make things better. However, just like you, we focus a lot on preventative care. It’s better for a patient to take proactive steps to avoid getting sick, and so it goes with networks: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.