Who Is Jason Kirkhart And Why Do Health Care Organizations Seek Him Out?

Jason Kirkhart is the founder and CEO of Beetoobi IT Solutions, a tech house based in Southern Virginia. While Beetoobi calls the Old Dominion home, it is a stone’s throw from North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park and all its biomedical facilities and laboratories.

Beetoobi – a play on B2B (business-to-business) – can go beyond health care and handle the IT needs of government, industry and academia, but the medical infrastructure is where the company excels.

Jason has had a front-row seat to the needs of medical practices for his entire adult life through his wife, Senecca, who is a pediatric nurse practitioner. Because of dinnertime conversations about health care, combined with a long IT career of his own, Jason knows health IT. Health care is riddled with comprehensive regulations – perhaps more than any other area in IT – which often require help to navigate. Jason and his team help keep personal health information safe and let his clients focus on doing what they do best – keeping patients safe.

Jason has participated in all aspects of IT, from the excitement of a start-up to leading a team of seven developers for a $50M company. He’s been a waiter, a bar bouncer, a developer, an entrepreneur, a dad and a husband. These roles combine to make Jason and Beetoobi empathetic and efficient partners for your IT needs.

Throughout his childhood, Jason and his family moved around as his father worked his way up the corporate ladder at Gannett, at the time one of the nation’s largest newspaper chains. After college, Jason would get his first IT job there.

As a child, Jason dreamed of being an international spy helping to bring down criminal gangs. Now, as ransomware and spyware surge, he is part of America’s cyberdefenses – helping to repel a different kind of gang. So, in a way, Jason got part of his spy dream after all. He just does it from the bucolic farm country of Southern Virginia and not in the shadows of the Kremlin.

After a string of job losses (remember the dot-com meltdown of 2000?), Jason decided to take matters into his own hands and begin his own IT firm where he could sink or swim on his own merits. Leaving the intrigue of Foggy Bottom behind, Jason followed his wife’s career to the tranquil Southern Virginia countryside where she had received a job opportunity. Here in the land of sweet tea and grits, Jason would bring top-flight IT to an area more accustomed to tool belts than techs.

About Jason

Jason has completed his CompTIA A+ certification. He’s been a team member of the Rural Math Excel Partnership, a consortium of individuals and businesses that help support math and IT education in rural areas. He is committed to helping improve the health of the community by improving the health of its medical networks. Beetoobi was recently recognized locally as “Best IT Consultant.” And Jason is a sought-after speaker, delivering keynotes at places as varied as the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center and various med-tech conferences.

The Health Of An MSP

In today’s Covid-ravaged economy, health care industries are under strain like never before. Medical practitioners need to be able to focus on medicine and making people well, not preventing a hacker from probing the network. Jason handles that, while the doctors handle what they went to school for so many years to do.

Who Makes An Ideal Beetoobi “Patient”?

Jason’s niches are the local sports medicine clinic, gastroenterologist and eye doctor. These small medical facilities are critical cogs in the nation’s medical infrastructure. And they are also prized by hackers who view such practices as “low-hanging fruit.” Hackers know these offices are often understaffed and lacking in top-flight, in-house IT help. This is where Jason and Beetoobi come in. Whether you are a private practice with five computers, a multicampus clinic with 40 or more computers or anything in between, Beetoobi is just what the doctor ordered for your IT needs.

Personal Interests

Jason is an avid traveler. He is the dad to two teenage sons and the husband to a busy nurse practitioner. All of which keeps him hopping, but not too busy for a round of golf. His Beetoobi team finished third at a recent Halifax County Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament in Virginia.