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Tyler Richardson



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It's O.K...I know what you're thinking. He looks like he should be in the center of a drum circle wearing the most obnoxious tye-dyed t-shirt you can imagine. But believe it or not, there is actually a computer geek beneath that head of long hippie hair.

Tyler began his career in technology when he successfully programmed the clock on his parents' brand new VCR machine at a whopping 3 years old. His company at the time, Diapers-R-Us, was terribly under-funded and eventually folded (get it?). It was then that he decided to put his entrepreneurial aspirations aside, go to school and get a real job.

Tyler was born and raised in the Martinsville community, but relocated to Halifax County over 10 years ago. Graduating from Averett University with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and an Associates in Mathematics and Theatre, Tyler spent several years working in the entertainment industry as the Technical Director for several local TV stations. He even made it all the way to New York working as the Tech/News Director for a station there.

Since returning home, Tyler's list of accomplishments include converting a tattoo parlor into a television studio, rubbing elbows with state senators and the governor, and even snatching a small role in a Hollywood movie that was filmed right here in Southside Virginia.

Tyler is very excited to be a part of the Beetoobi team and to bring his skills and expertise to serve the South Boston area and surrounding communities.