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Jason Kirkhart



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Jason Kirkhart is and always will be a technologist, primarily focusing on small business IT services and enterprise software development. Jason started Beetoobi IT Solutions to bring those much needed services to rural southern Virginia.

Prior to starting Beetoobi, Jason worked for several start-ups in the Washington, DC area, including CreateHope (now Truist), Delivery Labs, zUniversity.com and USAToday.com. At these companies, he always found himself looking at how technology could help people work more productively and provide better services to customers, resulting in lower operating costs (ease the demand on staffing needs) and greater revenues (expanding and improving products and services to appeal to broader customer base). Some of the more interesting projects he worked on were an online workplace philanthropy solution and a system for bringing same-day shipping to online shopping.

Jason started this life-calling at an early age, attending code camps and learning how to recover from formatting the operating system floppy disk for his family’s first home PC. Combined with passions for making things and solving problems, he has immersed his life, education and career in technology.

Jason attended the College of William and Mary, graduating with a BS in Computer Science and a BBA in Marketing. This education not only gave him a strong foundation in technology, but also a solid appreciation for business, and how to relate those two areas to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with both technical and nontechnical stakeholders.

For fun, Jason likes being outdoors, reading, coaching his two boys’ sports teams, spending time with his wife and believing that he can still resurrect a previously decent golf game.